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Gagged and fisted slave

Milcah is a hot Asian whore that is down for brutal torment. She is quite the pain slut, and The Pope is hell bent on finding out how far this whore will go. She takes a great deal of punishment, suffers through brutal bondage, but the most impressive part is in the final scene. She gets fisted by The Pope’s massive fist! Milcah is only the sixth girl to ever take his huge fist, and it is an amazing sight to see, as her cunt is stretched more than it ever has been before. (more…)

Metal device punishment

Perched with all of her weight resting on her whore pussy, Kristina is subjected to grueling pain. Her legs are pulled back to intensify the pressure, her arms are stretched out to the side to make sure she can’t avoid her suffering. Her body is covered in pegs, in all of the sensitive spots, then beaten off, leaving the room full screams. Kristina is then moved to the floor and put in a device that has her legs spread as wide as they will go. Her weight is now balancing on one knee and her chest, which is making breathing difficult. Her feet are tortured and her ass is flogged. (more…)

Slave punishment in dungeon

Serena is as sexy as she is bratty, and she is paired up with Orlando for her toughest shoot ever. This update shows just how real the suffering is, how much brutality these models endure, and how hardcore this site is.She is tethered to a pole by her neck and is instructed to strip while enduring a nasty lashing from a dragon tongue. Serena’s body is then manipulated into a doggy position and an ass hook is inserted as the suffering continues. Next Serena is on the floor spread out and exposed. Orlando continues the assault on her flesh, then to top it off, he cover’s this whore’s body with hot wax. (more…)

Squrting bound whore in straitjacket

Bonnie is back and hotter than the first time she visited us. This slut is put in inescapable devices and made to endure hardcore punishment. Upon her reward for suffering, she is given and orgasm, and that’ s where the water works begin. This whore is so turned on by being tormented, that she can’t stop squirting. Her cunt gushes with masochistic pleasure uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her willing snatch. (more…)

Young slut with huge tits is bound and suffering

Serena is a hot slut that wants to be tormented while tied in extreme bondage. She is unsure of what to expect, because she is so new. The Pope gets her bound tightle and then begins his sadistic torment. Serena is clearly uneasy with anxiety of what is happening to her, but the suffering continues. She is subjected to extreme bondage, in several positions, and punished with screaming orgasms. (more…)

Suspended and canned slave brutal punishment

The day starts extreme and stays that way until the end. Elizabeth is a heavy impact girl, and I oblige with non-stop torment. Her body is pushed so hard that she fades into sub-space quick, so I bring that whore back to reality with some temperature play, shoving ice in her hungry cunt. Now that I have her attention again, I rain down brutal punishment on this pain slut. I use a plethora of tormenting implements on this whore to insure her suffering. I abuse her cunt, then deny her any pleasure until she is bursting at the seams. Every action that she endures results in screams of suffering. (more…)

Cagged black whore punishment

Ebony beauty, Chanell contacted me to say that she was interested in shooting for us. I jumped at the chance to get this slut in my ropes. She is hot as hell and has an amazing ass, and I wanted to see her suffer.First up, I cage this slut and then tie her to it. Out comes the electricity, and Chanell has the choice of a zapper or a cattle prod. Her feet fall victim the cattle prod and we get to her this slut scream.Next her elbows are bound together behind her back to display her flexibility. The rest of her body is put in a stress position and we get to see her sweat as she struggles to find comfort. (more…)

Redhead ebony hogtied

The positions in bondage are designed for several reasons; immobilize, restrain, to inflict more suffering, etc. Today the bondage is used in most of these ways, to make her suffer in a grueling back bending suspension, to restrain her in the first scene to allow me to torment her more, totally immobilizing her with her face down and her ass up, and finally all at once she is fucked in the final scene with a brutal crotch rope and uncontrollable orgasms. (more…)

Extreme bondage and torment

Hard bodied, Ariel X, makes her first appearance to the site and The Pope makes sure that she remembers it. She is put in positions that make her toned body stressed and she fights to find any kind of comfort in the ropes. She is a perfect specimen of strength and endurance, but even at her level of fitness, there is a breaking point. (more…)

Gagged and suspended slut


Elise has proven repeatedly that she is one of the most masochistic models, ever. In the past I have pushed and pushed, so today will not be an exception. I set out to make this more brutal than anything I have done to her so far. This time the bondage will be what pushes this slut to the edge of breaking. (more…)

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